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Virgin Media to soon offer access to Sky Sports and Movies on mobile

Matt Brian, @m4tt

Virgin Media might be locking horns with Sky in a battle over broadband and phone lines, but when it comes to programming, cable customers have enjoyed the results of a content truce. Having delivered many of its channels for a number of years, Virgin today announced it has extended its deal with Sky by another five years, ensuring that it can deliver more content in high definition and also bring some Sky channels to its mobile streaming apps for the very first time. To begin with, subscribers already paying £7 a month to access to Sky's high-definition content will see Sky Sports 3 HD, Sky Sports 4 HD and Sky Sports F1 HD added to their set-top box, with Sky Sports News HD and Sky News HD set to follow later. Virgin customers will also be able to access Sky's entertainment channels (not including Sky Atlantic) via the TV Anywhere app and, perhaps more importantly, will be given access to movies and sport via Sky's dedicated apps in the coming months. Best of all, as long as you're already paying for Sky content, you'll soon get more stuff in more places for no extra cost.

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