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BBC's iPlayer revamp goes live for everyone


The BBC unveiled a heavily redesigned iPlayer web client a couple of months ago now, but if you ignored the prompt to opt-in and see the new UI for yourself, we're afraid you can't fight change any longer. Today, the BBC's taken the fresh-faced iPlayer layout out of "preview" mode, thereby retiring the old interface and ushering users to embrace the new one. Aside from looking different, there's now a greater onus on finding new content to watch, and between the launch of the new iPlayer and now, the BBC's already added more ways to filter programmes within the category and favourites tabs. Redesign virgins are best off jumping in and checking it out, and if you're sad you didn't get to say goodbye, the updated apps for set-top boxes and other TV-connected gear are still in preview mode, and the Android and iOS apps are still just like you remember them until they get made-over in "the coming weeks."

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