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Vehicles, blueprints, more join Unreal Engine in 4.2 update


Epic Games has unveiled a list of additions aimed at the developer's latest incarnation of the Unreal Engine, and among a host of bug fixes, camera tweaks and animation changes, Unreal Engine 4.2 also brings with it support for vehicles and blueprints for developer-created content.

To celebrate the inclusion of vehicles in Unreal Engine 4.2, Epic has granted developers a free tutorial on how these virtual rides function in the form of a short, off-road racing game. Not only does Unreal Engine 4.2 support your typical four-wheeled conveyances, it also allows developers to design a vehicle with any number of wheels and any number of gears. Further, Unreal Engine 4.2 supports numerous drivetrains, from rear-wheel drive to front-wheel drive to four-wheel drive, with either manual or automatic transmission.

The blueprints mentioned above may not be of much concern to players, but they should greatly aid those hoping to build anything complex within Unreal Engine 4.2. Think of Epic's blueprints as similar to those found in the real-world. Once you've constructed an object in the Engine, you can then save the thing in its entirety to a blueprint, which can later be retrieved and used to clone your original creation or make tweaks to the design without damaging the original prototype.

For a full list of what's included in Unreal Engine 4.2, visit the Unreal Engine developer's blog. There, those interested in working with Unreal Engine will also find everything they need to subscribe to Epic's nascent licensing scheme.
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