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Adobe recovering from massive Creative Cloud failure

Mel Martin

Users of the cloud-based subscription service from Adobe called Creative Cloud weren't able to be quite so creative beginning late Wednesday for about 28 hours. Adobe blamed the issues on server maintenance and the company says everything is up and running now.

While people running desktop applications were OK, logging into Creative Cloud failed repeatedly. Files, fonts, settings and other Adobe services simply did not work, and FormsCentral was also nonfunctional. Adobe's status page today shows that all servers are back up and running.

Adobe announced the subscription service last spring. While the company has moved many people to subscriptions, some customers didn't want to depend on the internet to use applications like Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, and moved on to cloud-free alternatives.

The company has apologized for the outage, saying "We know we let you down. We apologize and are working to ensure it doesn't happen again," but that's not likely to mollify companies that could not deliver product due to the outage. One prominent victim was the London Daily Mail's interactive newspaper, which could not publish yesterday and surely lost revenue.

Apologies aside, Adobe is going to need a more robust fail-over system if customers are going to trust a cloud-dependent workflow that didn't work.

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