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EVE Online history book crowdfunds over $95,000


Last month we mentioned a crowdfunding effort from games journalist Andrew Groen which sought to raise money for an extensive history book on EVE Online. That fundraiser has now drawn to a close, having drawn nearly eight times more money than Groen had originally hoped.

Groen's fundraiser was a massive success almost from the start. Donations surpassed his $12,500 goal within the first 24 hours, and the final tally stands at $95,729. As a result, Groen has been able to expand his plans for the book. A specially designed hardcover version was introduced when the fundraiser passed the $50,000 mark, and Groen has hired artist Daniel Warren Johnson to provide illustrations. That name may be familiar to EVE Online fans, as Johnson previously illustrated the EVE: True Stories line of graphic novels for Dark Horse Comics.

Now that the fundraising dust has settled, Groen must sit down and actually put the book together. While there is currently no solid release date for the tome, those interested in owning a copy can visit EVEHistory to pre-order the book in either soft or hardcover formats.
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