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Boombox beats and a winning smile in rhythm platformer Inside my Radio


Mixing a kind of digital grafitti style with synaesthetic visual effects, Inside my Radio is a rhythm platformer with a modern, colorful look. Also, we can't take our eyes off its cubic hero and his look-at-me smirk, the cheeky devil.

The Ludum Dare 23 game jam winner is all signed up for a fully-fledged release, courtesy of original creator TurboDindon and Ethan: Meteor Hunter dev Seaven Studio. Seaven says paying attention to the rhythm is critical to negotiating Inside My Radio, and it chastises anyone who dares to play the game muted. It's obviously disappointing when a rhythm platformer doesn't lose much with the music turned off, so hopefully that's a good sign.

While the trailer lays down electro beats, each of Inside My Radio's worlds revolves around a particular musical style, including - jump on it - disco! There's isn't a release date yet, but Seaven says the game's coming to PC and consoles "when it's done."
[Image: Seaven Studio]

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