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Engadget Daily: Apple and Beats, GoPro's media empire and more!


Today we discussed Apple's purchase of Beats Electronics, got a taste of GoPro's growing media empire, went hands-on with Beats' new Solo² headphones and learned about an American-made TV that sits behind your bathroom mirror. Read on for Engadget's news highlights from the last 24 hours.

With Beats, Apple faces the music

Music streaming is on the rise, but it's still a largely untested source of revenue. So, is Apple's acquisition of Beats guaranteed to turn a profit, or have Cook and Co. purchased a very expensive business lesson?

Extreme exposure: Inside GoPro's burgeoning media empire

GoPro doesn't want to simply build a camera to capture thrilling close-calls and daredevil stunts; it wants to be a media empire. Read on as our own James Trew investigates how the company aims to transform athletes into viral video creators.

Beats' new Solo2 headphones sound way better than they feel

It's been a busy week for Beats, what with being purchased by Apple and releasing a brand new model of headphones, the Solo². This $200 over-ear set of cans has a well-balanced sound and an attractive look, but it's almost as uncomfortable to wear as the Solo HD.

A return to American-made TVs, by way of the bathroom

Ever heard of Séura? Born in the garage of Gretchen and Tim Gilbertson, it's one of the few consumer electronics manufacturers still operating in America. What's more, it builds TVs that sit behind your bathroom mirror.

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