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Maleficent finally gets invited to something: Disney Infinity 2.0


Disney's drag-and-drop sandbox has cordially invited Maleficent to the next shindig in Disney Infinity 2.0 Edition. The announcement ties to this weekend's opening of Maleficent, a new fairytale film in which a horned Angelina Jolie puts at least one person to sleep.

The villainous mistress that sullied Sleeping Beauty's christening joins a wide range of Disney characters in Disney Infinity, including that super-heroic bunch from the Marvel universe. And just like The Avengers, Maleficent comes in the form of a physical toy to be placed on a special base, which seemingly teleports her right into the game.

Disney Interactive also used a Wednesday night preview of Maleficent in San Francisco to show off Princess Merida of DunBroch, the bold archer from Pixar's Brave. She'll join Disney Infinity, having been picked as a favorite in social polls.

Merida's archery and Maleficent's magic will both be available in the Toy Box mode of Disney Infinity 2.0 Edition, coming to PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo platforms this fall.

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