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Head of Intel's former internet TV project abandons ship


When Intel formally abandoned its IPTV project in a sale to Verizon, the team behind it transitioned as part of the deal. Now, only four months later, the man who's been in charge of the venture all along has washed his hands of it, too. Erik Huggers, who originally outed Intel's plan to create an IPTV service/hardware platform (later dubbed OnCue), moved to Verizon and continued on as project lead. There's no indication that Huggers left on bad terms, or that OnCue's progression is stagnating at Big Red.

"There were no conflicts at all. The technology is great, the team is great, the future is secure, the dream lives on," he told Reuters. While Huggers isn't leaving for anything in particular, apart from telling the WSJ that it's simply "time to move on," he's apparently got a "couple of irons in the fire." What we're more interested in, however, is the future of the OnCue platform now its leader's departed. Perhaps a set of fresh legs is exactly what Verizon needs to finally create a product that, up to now, has been nothing more than high-profile vaporware.

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