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Apple revamps Safari with new UI, power-saving features


Apple's not forgetting about Safari with all the changes to OS X Yosemite. The browser has been completely overhauled with power-saving tweaks, new tabs and a privacy mode, among other new features. By far the biggest change, though, is in the UI -- it's got a new flat look that matches the new OS. On top of eliminating the favorites bar (which now pops up when you type in the address field), you get a bird's-eye view of tabs, and can scroll from side to side to select them. There's also a new Spotlight search that gives additional suggestions, as well as those from search engines like Google. Apple also says its latest Safari is standards-compliant and no longer requires video plugins for premium services like Netflix's HTML5 player -- which could net you up to two more hours of battery life when playing video.

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Apple further claims that Safari has the fastest JavaScript compiler of any browser on the market (including Chrome and Firefox, it pointed out). Other new tweaks include one-click social sharing, sidebar RSS feeds and power-saving tabbed browsing. There's also new privacy tabs (which can be used alongside regular tabs), and support for DuckDuckGo, a search engine that doesn't track browsing. Finally, Apple has just announced a new Bing extension for Safari that allows inline translations -- and showed it off by translating a Japanese web page in a couple of seconds.

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