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ASUS' Zenbook NX500 is a thin and light laptop with a 4K screen


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Lest you think all the laptops announced at Computex this week are Yoga knockoffs, ASUS has at least one traditional notebook for you. The company has just announced the Zenbook NX500, a 15.6-inch Ultrabook that manages to pack a 3,840 x 2,160 screen, Core i7 processor, discrete NVIDIA GeForce GTX 850 graphics and up to 16GB of RAM into a relatively thin and light frame (it measures just 19mm thick and weighs 2.2kg, or 4.85 pounds).

As you can probably tell, with specs like that, it's more of a Retina display MacBook Pro competitor than a typical Ultrabook -- the sort of thing you'd recommend to creative pros who need to get work done on the go. To that end, the screen isn't just high-res, but also uses ASUS' "VisualMaster" display technology, with the color gamut covering 100 percent of the NTSC spectrum and 108 percent of Adobe RGB. No word yet on price or availability (ASUS rarely mentions such details at its press conferences), but we'll let you know if we learn more.

Update: We've just been hands-on with the NX500, so head here for some first impressions.

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