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Ex-Irrational devs form new studio, reveal 'The Black Glove'

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Irrational may have drastically cut its staff to focus on narrative-driven games, but some of those that were laid off have their own ideas for a narrative experience. Enter Day For Night Games, a new studio founded by ex-Irrational developers, many of whom worked on BioShock Infinite. Their first game is called The Black Glove, and the team plans to launch a Kickstarter to fund its development sometime in July.

In The Black Glove, players use time travel to influence and affect the lives of a filmmaker, an artist and a musical act. The game takes place inside of a special theatre called The Equinox, which according to Day For Night, could exist in the past, present or future. Or it might not exist at all. So if nothing else, it sounds like the BioShock series' legacy of creating mind-explosions is intact.

Much like what we were told to expect from Irrational's upcoming efforts, The Black Glove will be focused on story. In an interview with Polygon, studio member Joe Fielder said that the game will merge its fiction directly with gameplay, and is inspired by games like The Stanley Parable and Gone Home. "Even a wrong turn, even misinterpreting a hint or just experimenting could produce interesting results," he said.
[Image: Day For Night Games]

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