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Safari in OS X Yosemite gets new sharing and browsing options, and saves even more battery life


Apple is giving Safari a big makeover with the launch of OS X Yosemite, as previewed at WWDC 2014. They're adding a whole host of new features while attempting to simplify the experience at the same time.

Most noticeable is the thin, one-bar browser bar that the company insists eliminates the need for a standard favorites bar. Now, when you type a search term into the address bar you'll be greeted with results from the web, a list of relevant sites you've already added as bookmarks, as well as a Spotlight search of your computer.

There's also a new sharing feature that lets you forward web pages to social networks Twitter and Facebook, and also send them to your recent contacts via Mail. You can also subscribe to RSS feeds right from the menu and then have those subscriptions pop up in a Safari sidebar.

Tabs also get an update with a new overview screen that shows a screenshot of all your tabs at once, and stacks tabs from the same site.

On the Internet front, Safari scores WebGL support for 3D web applications as well as HTML5 Premium Video functionality. According to Apple, this makes streaming video so much more efficient that it can actually save a ton of battery life on a MacBook. If you're watching 1080p video via Netflix, your MacBook battery will last up to 2 hour longer thanks to the HTML5 upgrade.

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