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Batman: Arkham Knight delayed into 2015


This year's lineup of blockbuster games is on the wane, with Batman: Arkham Knight making a high-profile exit into 2015. The Arkham series, which has mainly been a product of Rocksteady Studios and the matching realization that Batman games don't have to be robot-punching slogs through Gotham's sewers, is set to conclude with Arkham Knight.

Though constructing a huge, mega-gritty Gotham fit for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is taking longer than expected, publisher Warner Bros. Interactive is still bringing out its big guns for E3 – said guns being attached to the euphemistic Batmobile, seen above.

This is a straight-up tank, Batman. Do you want Commissioner Gordon to give his speech about escalation again?

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[Images: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment]

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