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Google Maps easter egg lets you plan journeys with Nessie and dragons


Google took its sweet time adding almost UK-wide journey planning to Maps, and perhaps it could've done so quicker if it wasn't so busy building easter eggs into the feature. It's been discovered that looking up certain travel routes will factor in the odd fictitious and entertaining option, alongside normal recommendations of completing the journey by bus, train and the like. These range from more mundane suggestions, such as punting from one college in Oxford to another, or taking the Royal Carriage from Buckingham Palace to Windsor Castle, right through to the fantastical. You can cut travel time down the length of Loch Ness by pinching a lift off Nessie, for example, or fly from Snowdon to the Brecon Beacons via dragon. And, we'd hazard a guess there are more out there still to be found -- the Maps team don't really do half measures.

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