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The Queue: Hyperactive goats

Anne Stickney

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Anne Stickney (@Shadesogrey) is answering all kinds of questions today.

Baby goats are pretty adorable. Contemplate that for a moment, and then let's get to the questions, shall we?

Drindaar_Lightkeeper asked:

Q4tQ: Although we aren't getting any new classes this expansion, do you think we will see new classes in the following one? If so, which ones could we see? Is there anything out there in WoW lore that simple doesn't exist as a playable class?

There are a few tricky things to consider when creating new classes in WoW. First off, that new class has to have a unique feel all its own -- it can't feel like a clone of an existing class, or there wouldn't really be much point to adding it, would there? It wouldn't feel different or new or fun. WoW already has a pretty wide-spread variety of classes that fill a ton of varying roles, so coming up with something we haven't already seen is difficult. And then you have to consider that by adding a new class, you have to balance the rest of the game around it -- and that's not as easy as it sounds.

And when you think about both of those things, it seems a little unlikely we'll see a new class unless it were something really unique and different. Something like a runemaster, or a bard. Personally, I think another ranged non-caster class wouldn't be a bad idea.

gazaa07 asked:

Q4tQ: should Horde have a "Horatio Laine" equivalent? like Columbo, perhaps?

No. No, gazaa07. You go. Go sit in the corner over there and think about what you just did.

passiondragon45 asked:

Anne, Did you ever find you old article you were talking about in the WoW insider? I was curious and wanted to read it.

I did, in fact! For those that didn't tune into the WoW Insider Show, last week there was a brief discussion about the idea that there were some quests in game that were never discovered or completed by anyone. I mentioned that I'd written an article about this -- the article ran way back in August of 2010. It's called Urban Legends of Warcraft: The key, the essence, and the ship -- it talks about those supposedly lost quest chains, and the unsolved mysteries of vanilla WoW. That was a fun one to put together!

retpallyjil asked:

Q for the Q: When did they change the "bandaging" animation to green crosses instead of red? Did the Red Cross get angry with Blizz or something?

I'm not sure when it changed, but I imagine it had something to do with the fact that good things for your character are generally in green -- allies, your health bar, etc -- and bad things are red. So I imagine it was just a switch to avoid visual confusion.

Malajin asked:

Are we getting a new bag in WoD? If so, how many slots?

I haven't made a tailor yet or seen anything professions-wise in that regard so far on the alpha, so I couldn't tell you. What I can tell you is that between the new reagent bank tab, the new Void Storage tab, the Toy Box feature, and the fact that quest items will no longer be stored in your bags, we might not actually need a new bag. It seems like they are solving the bag space issue by finding new ways for us to store what is currently clogging said bags, instead of just throwing us a couple more bag slots.

Benjamin Seeberger asked:

If you were know as Steve for your entire life, and two years ago someone hands you a birth certificate saying your actual name is Greg, which would you still consider yourself?

If you're talking about the Thrall vs. Go'el discussion, there's a distinct difference here. Greg or Steve, doesn't really matter much in the long run, a name is a name. In Warcraft, Thrall was given his name by Aedelas Blackmoore. It means "slave," which is what Thrall was. Once he escaped, Thrall continued to keep the name as sort of a badge of honor -- I like to think it was a reminder of everything he had overcome. However, Aggra refused to call him Thrall. She still refuses to call him Thrall. To her, calling him "slave" in the human tongue indicates that he is in some way or another still a slave. He isn't, and she isn't going to let him forget that. And he's begun to realize that she has a point, which is why he's using Go'el, now.

@suntiger745 asked via Twitter:

Did they Netherwing ally with A'dal/Sha'tar after they were freed from the Dragonmaw? Or did they remain nutral?

The Netherwing haven't allied with anyone. Some of the Netherwing took refuge in Shattrath, but the city is a sanctuary -- you don't have to be allied with the Sha'tar, Aldor, or Scryers to live there.

@Heallarious asked via Twitter:

I got a question about the new stats in WoD. Knowing the new stats like Multistrike, how well or balanced is it going to be with the other classes, will haste combo beat the others because more, in this case multistrike procs?

It's really too early to say one way or another. Warlords is still in alpha, which means that balancing and testing and tweaking are all still very much alive and well. The devs tend to keep an eye on balance in regards to new spells, abilities, or stats, however -- I wouldn't expect it to be massively overpowered.

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The WoW Insider crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your questions in the comments, and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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