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Breakfast Topic: Hard to go back

Matthew Rossi

This is kind of a character model post, in that I simply can't go back to the old character models after having played on the Alpha. Like, man, I have an orc female warrior I was considering playing. That is not going to happen any time soon. I logged on my tauren recently and for a few seconds I though there was something wrong with my PC, the difference is so extreme between them. I just really don't even know how to explain it, but the cumulative effect of all the small changes in how they stand, move and look is really apparent once you go back to live servers. It's just impossible to ignore.

I find myself wondering if this is going to make the game weird for people. Does anyone remember when they first introduced playable blood elves, and there was such a huge change in their model compared to what we'd seen in vanilla WoW? And then there were still a few of that old model left as ghosts in the Ghostlands? Man, they always weirded me out. I hope we don't end up with NPC's in Org using the old orc model - I would not be on board for that.

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