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Facebook Messenger now lets you instantly send video clips


Facebook Messenger used to lag behind other messaging apps like Line or Viber when it came to sending media files. The key phrase here is "used to," because its developers just gave it an instant video-sending feature on top of the voice- and photo-sharing functions they added in April. Now, when you tap the camera icon and hold the Send button, you can automatically record and send short video clips to friends. If you change your mind while recording (because you realized you haven't even combed yet... among other things), simply swipe your finger off the Send button or quickly press X in the middle of the video clip while it loads on the chat window. Facebook's slowly rolling out this Messenger update to both iOS and Android devices, so don't worry if it's not showing up on your updates list yet. But when it does, it'll also come with the capability to send bigger thumbs up icons, because, hey, why not?

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