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Lufia: The Legend Returns, Harvest Moon 2 to reach 3DS VC


E3 2014 wasn't just great for new games – Capcom showed Virtual Console users a little love with their upcoming release schedule, and now Natsume Inc. has done the same by announcing two new 3DS VC titles: Both Lufia: The Legend Returns and Harvest Moon 2 GBC are "coming soon" to the digital storefront.

While Game Boy Color cartridges of either game are still reasonably priced, we're hoping this will lead to a debut of the SNES' pricier Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals on the Wii U VC, which typically sells for $50 or higher. Hoping for the same scenario with Harvest Moon 64 might be futile, though – when a fan asked about the possibility of the N64's farm-and-relationship simulator arriving at a later date, the Natsume page responded: "Sadly, HM64 won't be appearing."
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