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Elder Scrolls Online on solo veteran content, dungeon scaling


ZeniMax is back from E3 with a brand-new Elder Scrolls Online ask-us-anything variety pack. Here are the highlights:
  • The Craglorn update will be included as launch content when ESO arrives on consoles.
  • Dungeon-queueing intentionally locks out overleveled characters for balance reasons, but the devs are working on a scaling system that will eventually adjust dungeons to the leader's level.
  • ZeniMax is aware that Enchanting levels slowly. It'll be tweaked in a future update.
  • Using Equilibrium to exchange magicka for health to gain Ultimate power isn't considered an exploit but might be revised in the future.
  • There will eventually be veteran content that doesn't require grouping.
Notably, the developers request that players continue to use the report player chat option to help combat bots and gold spammers. More questions and answers await over on the official site.

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