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Wireless label maker is a boon for cable-hating office supply fetishists


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For some just the phrase "P-touch" elicits feelings of organizational euphoria. We get that label makers aren't exactly the sexiest gadgets in the world, but like ever other gadget there is a need to evolve. Brother took the obvious route and just crammed a wireless radio into the PT-P750W. Under the hood is a WiFi radio that multiple computers, phones and tablets can connect to and, since you have the option of powering it with batteries (either 6 AAs or a rechargeable lithium ion pack), you can even use it while travelling. Even set up is painfully simple since there's an NFC pad at the top that will automatically connect your phone to it. Obviously, it takes a certain kind of person to spend $130 on a label maker, but there are more than enough people out there with a fetish for organization. And, if we're being honest, there might be a few of them on staff here.

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