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    OKDOTHIS is a motivating tool for your photographer instincts

    Mel Martin

    OKDOTHIS (Ok, do this) is a clever, free app designed to create a community around ideas or photography.

    It joins the ranks of other photographic communities like Instagram or Flickr, but OKDOTHIS is designed to inspire as well as share. The app introduces the concept of 'Do's', which are photo assignments offered by the community. Users then go out and take and share a photo that fulfills the assignment. It's a bit like a photo course, where the teacher offers assignments, and you get creative and see how other people approached the same ideas.

    After creating a free account you can post photos, create assignments you'd like others to try, and see what 'Do's' are on offer. Once you take your photo, OKDOTHIS offers a variety of aspect ratios, filters and frames to enhance your work. You can easily find popular and trending photos, and explore 'Do's', by user or category

    The app has some overlap with Foap, a similar photo-sharing community that lets users rate photos and even earn few bucks. The purpose of OKDOTHIS is to just have fun.

    Gallery: OKDOTHIS for iOS | 5 Photos

    The app gave me some good ideas and the community is friendly and motivated. You might not have friends who love to take pictures locally, so here is a way to get some ideas and feedback from the world at large.

    OKDOTHIS requires iOS 7 or later. It's optimized for the iPhone 5.

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