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Titanfall's next update adds insignias, Titan burn cards


Titanfall will receive its fourth update soon, and developer Respawn offered a few details on it today. The update will add featured game modes to Titanfall's playlist rotation for limited periods of time as well as a "Marked For Death" mode, in which one player from each team is "marked for death," forcing teams to protect their marked teammate while seeking to eliminate that of the opponent.

The game's forthcoming update will add 14 new Titan burn cards, complete with "enhanced Titan abilities" and Titan weapons. Titanfall's update includes insignias for the mech-like machines, giving players the option to select an emblem that shows off their accomplishments, earned by completing challenges in the game. The update will also improve its online matchmaking and team balancing system and introduce numerous bug fixes. The full list of fixes is available on the game's official site.
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