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Angela Ahrendts discusses her transition to Apple


Angela Ahrendts is an inspiration for anyone grew up in a small town with dreams of a better life. From her humble roots in New Palestine, Indiana she worked her way through the fashion industry, eventually climbing to a position as CEO of Burberry in 2006. Ahrendts held that position until earlier this year when she left the company to join Apple as Senior Vice President of Retail and Online Stores.

In a new feature published on LinkedIn, Ahrendts discussed her transition to the team at Apple, and the insights that have come with the move. It's a fascinating look at overcoming the challenges a person discovers during the first thirty days of a new job. You can read the whole piece right here, but there was one particular passage that stuck out and that we'd like to share with you.

Among the pieces of useful advice she offers up, the most useful may seem counterintuitive to the overachievers among us: "Stay in your lane."

"Stay in your lane." You've been hired because you bring a certain expertise to the team and the company. Try to resist putting additional or undue pressure on yourself trying to learn it all from day one. It's human nature to feel insecure about everything you "don't know". By staying focused on your core competencies you will be able to contribute much sooner, add greater value long term, and enjoy and have more peace especially in the early days.

The rest of the article is full of similarly useful observations. If you're starting a new career or moving to another job, Ahrendts' words can provide some useful advice in the long run. You can read the entire text over at LinkedIn.

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