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Steam Summer Sale, day 7: Batman, BioShock Infinite, Counter-Strike


It's been a week since the Steam Summer Sale began its assault on our collective wallets, and the bombs keep dropping. Hold on to your butts.

Today's Steam Summer Sale offerings include Kerbal Space Program for $16.19, Endless Space for $7.49, The Banner Saga for $12.49, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for $7.49, Child of Light for $11.24, Batman Arkham Origins for $7.49, Company of Heroes 2 for $9.99, BioShock Infinite for $7.49, and Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn for $14.99.

Current time-limited Flash Sales and Community's Choice deals are Next Car Game for $17.99, The Secret World for $11.99, Infested Planet for $7.49, The Testament of Sherlock Holmes for $3.99, Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams for $2.99, Mirror's Edge for $4.99, Tomb Raider for $4.99, and They Bleed Pixels for $1.99. Yesterday's featured deals are also still available for a limited time.

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