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The Daily Grind: Do you see more saints or jerks in-game?


Well, this will certainly be an extremely subjective topic today, but I say we embrace it! We've all heard and experienced horror stories with players who are extreme jerks in MMOs, from the mouthy trolls in general chat to the scammers out to fleece your hard-earned goods. But are there equal or perhaps greater numbers of generous, kind players whose good deeds don't make the headlines or leave us steaming for hours?

Personally, it's really hard to say. The jerks can be really vocal and noticeable, which may make them seem proportionally larger than they really are. The saints can't be doing all sorts of nice things on a one-on-one basis that go virtually unnoticed by others. I see a lot of jerks in PUGs and a lot of saints while leveling in PvE, and I'd like to believe that there are more of the latter than the former.

What do you think?

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