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Three reminds Vodafone patrons they can still cancel their contracts for free


Vodafone decided in May to tell everyone it was committed to never increasing prices mid-contract, and Three was quick to highlight its identical policy -- one that's shared across the industry thanks to Ofcom regulations that state any customer can ditch their contract without penalty should pricing go up during the term. Vodafone then announced that same month it would be upping the cost of charges incurred when going above your monthly allowance of calls, texts and data. While the increases don't technically affect monthly contract pricing, they still meet the Ofcom criteria thats allows customers to exit their contract scot-free. And, with the new overage charges coming into effect on June 28th, anyone that wants to take advantage of the easy out needs to tell Vodafone they're leaving within the next few days.

Ever the opportunist, Three has taken to its blog to remind Vodafone customers they still have time to "break up" with their current carrier. Employing the comedic talents of Rufus Hound, Three has even commissioned an emotional parting letter you can use as a template to terminate your contract. Sure, it's try-hard, please-go-viral PR complete with a recommended Twitter hashtag, but you'd be forgiven for getting a kick out it anyway. And, to be fair, the template will save you a bit of time if you're too lazy to write a break-up letter of your own.

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