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Bounden brings its dancing charm to Android next week


Following a short delay, developer Game Oven has revealed that Bounden will dance its way onto Android devices on July 3.

Though Bounden prompts players to dance, it can't properly be described as a traditional rhythm game. Game Oven has worked in collaboration with dancers from the Dutch National Ballet to create a game which asks players to move their Android gadget up, down, and all around in a swirl of kinetic motion that either translates into graceful, fluid dance steps or hilariously off-tempo flailing. Text doesn't really do Bounden justice, so instead watch the above video from this year's Game Developer's Conference where our own Jess Conditt attempts to keep in step alongside designer Adriaan de Jongh.

The Android incarnation of Bounden has yet to receive an official price point, but if Game Oven follows the same pricing scheme it used with the game's iOS counterpart, expect to pay $4 for your virtual dance card.
[Image: Game Oven]

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