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Microsoft gives gamers more ways to help shape future Xbox One updates


With the amount of updates that Microsoft is pushing out for the Xbox One (and its controller), it makes sense that Redmond would want to give those in the preview program a better way of testing new features before the general public. The update, as spotted by NeoGAF's unblinking eyes, allows for different ways of providing feedback for each new bit of functionality, be it a survey, a star rating or a single-question poll -- all without putting down your controller. Perhaps most interesting is the quest system, which at the moment gamifies test-driving tweaks to the console's live-TV viewing setup and achievement snapping. Apparently, the feedback you give will serve some greater purpose in the future -- all of your stats are tracked, naturally -- but it's anyone's guess what that means in the present. There's an option to invite friends too, so should you be one of the select few in this program, maybe spread the love a little so you and your Titanfall crew can solve this quandry together?

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