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Cannon Brawl opens fire on Mac

Turtle Sandbox Games' Early Access version of Cannon Brawl now allows Mac users to enjoy its competitive blend of Worms-style 2D land domination and real-time strategy elements. Today's added Mac support precedes plans to launch Cannon Brawl's beta tomorrow, as reported by Polygon.

Cannon Brawl developer Peter Angstadt told Joystiq the beta is mostly an internal milestone, but its launch does coincide with Cannon Brawl's price rising from $9.99 to $14.99. You're not too late to get a decent deal though – a 40 percent discount from that increase will be offered until June 14, which means you have a week to decide whether to enlist in the action for $8.99.

Angstadt explained the increase is due to content added to Cannon Brawl's Early Access version over the past year, with updates including new maps, pilots, building types and the Campaign Nightmare mode. Conquests for land can also transcend operating systems, since cross-platform multiplayer is supported. Cannon Brawl's beta period will last "a month or two," though a release window for a complete base version is still to be announced.
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