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Want to work for Engadget?


We've been really busy here at Engadget this year, putting our hearts into delivering the best consumer technology news and features possible. We've also realized to keep on top of things, we could use a little bit of help -- and that's where you (or someone you know) might come in.

Are you a recent college graduate who deeply understands social media? (If you define that as "taking really good selfies," please move along). Engadget's Social Media Fellowship is a four-month program that will build your #skills and give you the chance to make a big impact, such as expanding our presence on Pinterest, Tumblr and Orkut. (Well, maybe not that last one). If you're game, check out the job description and apply here.

Meanwhile, as we get ready for Engadget Expand later this year, we're also going to need a lot of help managing the volume of applications for our Insert Coin competition. The Promotional Coordinator will be responsible for the outreach, organization and management of our Insert Coin and Indie Corner programs. This contract position will require five hours of your time per week through November. If this sounds like a fit, introduce yourself right here.

Keep in mind that due to the volume of submissions, we might not be able to respond to everyone individually. Good luck!

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