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Prominent climate change skeptic claims he's been 'banned' by the BBC


A prominent climate change skeptic in the UK, Nigel Lawson, believes that the BBC has blacklisted him under a "quasi-Stalinist" policy of censorship. In an editorial written for the Daily Mail, the one-time chancellor claims that the Corporation is in cahoots with the Green Party, to the point where its editorial impartiality has been compromised. All of this stems from a radio debate in February between Lawson and Sir Brian Hoskins -- a veteran scientist whose views on the threat of climate change are in line with the rest of the scientific community. After the broadcast, the BBC received numerous complaints saying that a non-scientist like Lawson had no place taking part in a discussion concerning climate change. Subsequently, the Corporation's leaders have agreed that it's no longer worth giving equal prominence to dissenting voices given the overwhelming evidence in favor of climate change. Still, if you'd like to listen to the original radio debate for yourself, we've embedded it after the break.

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