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Smartphone-controlled crematoriums are a thing that exist


This post may not be suitable for readers of a sensitive disposition.

No one likes to think too much about where we go when we've passed on, but you probably imagine crematoriums to remain the same as they have done for the last century. It turns out, however, that even those who dispose of our earthly remains have a hankering to use their smartphone to control the process. Dutch firm DFW Europe has revealed that its latest installation, a crematorium in Denmark, can be run by an operator carrying around a HTC One. Now, all someone has to do is scan a barcode (to ensure it's the right person being cremated), push a single button on their smartphone and the process is handled automatically from there. Morbid as it sounds, the new cremation ovens are even environmentally friendly, since the heat generated is recycled and used in nearby homes and schools. Technology, eh?

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