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Girls Make Games winners dig into The Hole Story


Top-down RPG The Hole Story landed on Kickstarter this week as the result of the Girls Make Games development camp and competition. The game stars Wendy, an archaeologist that digs into a portal in her backyard and warps through time to an ancient world and must save a princess to find a way back home, all the while armed with her wits and a trusty shovel.

The Hole Story is in development by San Jose, California-based independent developer and creators of the Girls Make Games summer camp program, LearnDistrict. The game was concocted by a team of seven young girls aged 10 to 16 known as The Negatives. The young designers won the inaugural Girls Make Games Demo Day hosted in Mountain View, California this past weekend following a three-week camp that included workshops, game jams and teaching sessions geared toward the cultivating the growth of aspiring female game designers.

Girls Make Games' panel of four judges includes Double Fine Founder Tim Schafer as well as Ouya's Head of Developer Relations and former Thatgamecompany Co-Founder Kellee Santiago. The grand prize for each camp's winner, as is the case with The Negatives' first-place concept The Hole Story, is seeing their idea become a reality thanks to the help of LearnDistrict. Girls Make Games will feature 14 more camps this year, eight in the United States and six internationally. The Hole Story is looking to raise $10,000 by August 12 in order to pay for its art, music and programming; a paltry sum compared to the average goal of Kickstarter and Indiegogo gaming projects in roughly the past year ($53,661).

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