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Poster maestros Mondo debut stylized Sunset Overdrive art


Insomniac Games has tapped Austin, Texas-based Mondo to work its stylized poster design magic on the upcoming Sunset Overdrive and the results are appropriately explosive.

While perhaps not as iconic as Mondo's prior pop art efforts, the above image does an excellent job of depicting the vibrant, kinetic chaos of Sunset Overdrive in a still image. From the massive explosion to the blue shadows it casts over the rest of the image to the impish smirk on our protagonist's face, the poster depicts a world where destruction is a cause for revelry - the exact same impression one gets from watching a Sunset Overdrive trailer. Not bad, given that this is Mondo's first stab at a poster based on a video game.

As you've probably guessed, the above is only a small snippet of the full poster. Pay a visit to Entertainment Weekly to see the entire image in all its stylized glory.
[Image: Mondo]

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