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Here in my Pika-car, I feel safest of all from Team Rocket


Toyota chose our hearts when it unveiled two Toyopet Pokemon cars at this year's Tokyo Toy Show, because they're freaking delightful. The Pikachu car is lovely, even if the ears aren't the most streamlined design, but it's the Fennekin model that has our number. Check it out below the break, and there are more shots of the 'dorable duo over at Japan Trends. Toyota also has a shot of an Oshawott model, but we're not sure about that one, honestly.

Fennekin stole the show in last year's Pokemon X and Y, while this year the critter-catching series goes back in time with Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. The 3DS remakes hit North America on November 21 and Europe on November 28.

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[Images: Japan Trends]

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