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iPhone-yielding, Pope-shaped Cheetos curl will forever change your view of the cheesy snack


Cheesecurlsofinstagram is a wonderful Instagram account that posts pictures of oddly-shaped Cheetos snacks with witty descriptions that nail their appearance. Take, for example, the above shot of Pope Frances curl.

"After a Sermon, Pope Frances, Wearing a Miter, Prepares to Get in the Pope Mobile, but not Before Taking a Quick Selfie Using the Forward-Facing Camera on his iPhone 5s"

The account is the brain child of Andy Huot, who is a self described "mechanical engineer with a creative mind." In an email to Yahoo Canada News, Huot explains his trek into pareidolia, which started last year when he stumbled upon a Sasquatch-shaped curl.

"Last spring I was working on an invention at home. I would get so into the project that I didn't want to stop to prepare food, so I reached for a bag of Cheetos. I normally eat healthy but hadn't had them in years. I found Sasquatch in my first bag along with other interesting pieces."

Hout is still going strong with his cheesy hobby, accruing more than 60 images of the curly snack on his Instagram account.

Disclaimer: While the images of the Cheetos are benign, some of the descriptions may not be safe for work or for children.

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