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EA unveils Xbox One subscription service, EA Access [update]


Following the success of Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus, EA has unveiled its own Xbox One-exclusive subscription service dubbed EA Access.

Those who spend $5 per month (or $30 per year) on an EA Access subscription will be granted free, all-you-can-play access to the publisher's biggest Xbox One games, including Battlefield 4, Peggle 2, FIFA 14 and Madden NFL 25. EA plans to add to this selection of games over time, and according to a Game Informer tweet, the publisher has "no plans" to remove content in the future. In addition to the gratis games, EA Access members receive 10 percent discounts on all of EA's digital Xbox One content and are granted access to big EA releases up to five days prior to their official debut.

Keep in mind, there are caveats to this promotion. EA describes that early access as a "a limited trial," and not access to the full game. Further, according to the fine print, Titanfall is "excluded from all EA Access features," and given the service's mention of unlimited online play, it stands to reason that an Xbox Live Gold subscription is required for full use of EA Access. If your interest is still piqued, you can find everything you need to enroll in EA Access at the program's official website.

Update: A representative from EA has contacted us to clarify the Xbox Live Gold requirements of EA Access. "To your inference in the last paragraph that an Xbox Live Gold subscription is required for full use, I wanted to clarify: Any Xbox One gamer can join EA Access and take advantage of the benefits of membership. In order to connect to multiplayer gameplay on the Xbox One platform you will need a subscription to Xbox Gold."
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