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Apple opens temporary, "open air" shop


Apple has opened its first open-air shop, a mix of traditional mall kiosk and Apple simplicity. Located at Glattzentrum mall in Wallisellen, the open-air shop has been set up while the mall's main Apple store is undergoing a complicated expansion. According to, reporting from a translated post on, workers are unsure as to how long the renovations will take.

Considering Apple is expected to be launching new products this Fall, this open-air shop will allow the company to maintain its current presence in the mall even if the renovations last through the possible product launches. While the open-air shop doesn't have the square footage of a normal Apple Store, the set up is familiar; rows of tables showcase demonstration models while accessories line shelves. When a purchase is made the associate runs to grab it from the inventory room.

You can see some pictures taken by above and below.

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