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Motes of Light are your ticket past level 20 in Destiny


Though Bungie's open-universe shooter Destiny features a soft progression cap at level 20, Guardians can continue to grow their abilities thanks to collectibles dubbed "Motes of Light."

According to Bungie, though characters will be unable to gather experience points in the traditional, murderous ways beyond level 20, they can boost their effective level by gathering Motes of Light. Find enough Motes and the Speaker found in the Tower will exchange the glowing currency for new gear that can boost your character's stats beyond their temporary plateau. This won't change your actual, in-game level, but with better gear boosting your stats your level 20 Guardian will suddenly be able to tackle more difficult missions.

IGN's compiled a look at a later-game character, boasting an effective level of 29, to demonstrate how progression works beyond level 20. You can catch the walkthrough in its entirety above or, skip to 3:40 for the first-person gunplay.
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