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Target Blast minigame racks up points in Smash Bros. 3DS

In April, Nintendo told us all about Smash Run, a new game mode for the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros. that lets players stock up on stat boosts and fight with their powered-up characters. Since then, the focus has been new stages and character reveals, but Smash Director Masahiro Sakurai's recent Miiverse activity offers a glimpse at another new game mode called Target Blast.

Target Blast begins with players facing a bomb on a platform. A countdown begins as soon as the bomb is touched, with the goal being to dole out as much damage as possible before launching the bomb toward a target-populated infrastructure to the right. Points are earned both for destroying the structure and for cracking the clusters of targets inside, but your freshly-crafted rubble can also destroy its neighbors, making point-rocketing combos possible.

A player's final score is calculated after two rounds, though it's unclear whether each round's structure will vary, if your destruction is undone, or if the second turn is just spent dealing with what your first shot missed. Sakurai added that Target Blast scores will contribute to a player's Global Smash Power, which plays into Nintendo's skill-based matchmaking for Smash's online multiplayer.
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