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3D-printed food could expand the options for hungry soldiers


In a recent issue of Army Magazine, the possibilities of 3D-printing tech for military use are outlined in great detail. We've already discussed the research into crafting mission-specific weapons, but expanding culinary options for soldiers is high on the to-do list as well. Currently, Meals, Ready-to-Eat (MREs) provide 24 rather unappealing options -- like the imitation pork rib pictured above -- that won't spoil and still provide nutritional value. Heck, a suitable pizza option just arrived recently, and it lasts for three years. Now, with the advances in 3D-printed food, the Army is researching ultrasonic agglomeration that fuses particles with ultrasonic waves to expand the menu. In addition to constructing meals to suit varied tastes, 3D printing allows the addition of specific nutrients (like protein or vitamin C) to a dish as needed. And the project isn't stopping there, as printing on-demand with a compact unit capable of using foraged ingredients is within the realm of possibility during missions.

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