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How many apps do you have on your Mac? [Poll]


Yesterday we asked readers how many apps they had installed on their iPhones. Out of the almost 1,100 responses, a majority of readers (38%) said that they had over 500 apps! Comments ranged from "I have 16 apps and I rarely use those" to "I have over a thousand", but I find it fascinating that our readership is so app-happy. You're going to love TUAW's new emphasis on app reviews...

Today we're going back to Apple's roots and asking how many apps you have on your Mac. Although it's not exactly precise, if we all use the methodology of going into our Applications folder (Finder, Go > Applications, then use the number of items listed as your count) we'll get a pretty decent idea of just how many (or few) apps the average TUAW reader has installed on his or her Mac. As an example, I have 125 items in my Applications folder.

If you have more than one Mac -- and who doesn't? -- be sure to answer the poll once for each Mac. If you have any comments, feel free to leave 'em in the comments section of this post.

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