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'Football Manager' will help actual football managers to find new players


Back in 2008, Everton FC raised eyebrows when it announced that it'd use the player database from the video game Football Manager to scout future recruits. Fast-forward to now, however, and every other manager in the league will have access to the same information. That's because statistics company Prozone has signed a deal to integrate Sports Interactive's highly-detailed catalog of over 80,000 players into its Recruiter platform. That means that Sam Allardyce and Ronald Koeman will be using the same database to hunt for unpolished gems that we've all been playing for the better part of 15 years. Now that all the managers will be playing Football Manager, we just hope that someone recognizes our genius and gives us a shot at a top club -- after all, we did take Wycombe Wanderers to the Champions League.

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