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Expect the Keep in future Dragon Ages, maybe other BioWare games


As introduced this time last year, Dragon Age Keep lets you carry over story choices from previous games in the fantasy RPG series. Rather than importing a save game file, Keep asks players to select the choices they made. We imagine it's something along the lines of "Did you choose to get busy with Morrigan, yes or no?" and so on.

It's a tool that cleverly solves the issue of moving from Dragon Age 2 on one platform like Xbox 360 to Dragon Age: Inquisition on another like PS4. With the tons of choices players can select in Keep, it sounds like a whole lot of work for designers.

Despite that, Dragon Age: Inquisition producer Cameron Lee told Joystiq he's sure the Keep system will feature in future games in the series - not that any have been announced yet - and he also thinks it'll come to other BioWare games.

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"I think future BioWare games would do it," Lee said. "Yeah, absolutely. It depends if that would work for them, in terms of if it suits that game. If we did other Dragon Age games I'm sure we'd use it. I'm not sure that a Mass Effect is going to use it or not.

"We've got all the back-end technology for the studio. It's actually been a central studio team that's been working on the fundamental tech for this. Then the Dragon Age team supports it."

According to Lee, players can select "hundreds" of different choices in Dragon Age Keep, but they don't have to. The program, which is still in beta at the moment, begins by presenting the major choices first, accompanied by some narration and art to offer a bit of presentation pizazz. After that, players can drill into the more minute decisions, and as much or as little of them as they want.

With all those decisions, it could be possible to cause a contradictory paradox and in turn the end of the Dragon Age universe. Not so in Keep, because as Lee told us, there's an algorithm that tracks all the decisions and points out if any of them are in conflict. Pretty smart, BioWare. Pretty smart.

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