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MakerBot launches a blank dummy you can turn into art


If there's going to be a MakerBot in every home, then the company need more things that'll appeal to the mainstream user. That's why the 3D-printing firm has developed Zee, a plain doll-like statue that doubles as an art project for would-be painters. The company describes the figurine as an "open canvas, ready for your imagination," and hopes that you'll customize the doll to your own whims -- once you'd paid $0.99 for the template. The design is compatible with the fifth-generation Replicator, Mini and the Replicator 2, and will take just over two hours to paint. Of course, with those short legs and paunchy belly, we could imagine Zee getting mistaken for a religious figurine of some description, so keep an eye out in case these pop up in your local flea market in a few months time.

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