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    Premier Live: Football European Style

    John Emmert

    American interest in soccer, or football as it is known in the rest of the world, reached an all time high during the recent World Cup in Brazil. More and more Americans are following the top European leagues. Rifra has five apps that will allow you to follow all of the top European leagues. You can choose among the English Premier Live 2014-2015, La Liga Live 2014-2015 for Spanish football, Serie A Live 2014-2015 covers Italy's top division, Ligue 1 Live 2014-2015 handles the top league in France, and for Germany's best Bundesliga Live 2014-2015. All of the apps are free, run on all iOS devices with iOS 5.1.1 or later. The apps offer one in-app purchase. For US$2.99 you can upgrade to an ad free experience.

    NBC Sports now broadcasts nearly all of the English Premier League matches on a variety of channels. If you find yourself watching those matches more often and want to track the teams more closely Premier League Live 2014-2015 will help you do just that.

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    Premier League Live 2014-2015 provides you with all the information you need before, during, and after the match. You can check out schedules for the week's upcoming matches. Then you can focus on a particular game and get background on the city and stadium where the game will be played. You can also enter a prediction on the final score of the match and check back later to see how you did and how you stacked up with others.

    Once the game starts you can get live updates with goals scored and any yellow or red cards issued. After the game, you can check the standings to see where your favorite team lands and if you need to worry about being relegated at the end of the season. In the European leagues, the lowest finishers are moved down to a lower division and others move up to the top league.

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    On the standing page, touching a team name will take you to the club's official website for even more information on the club, players, and in most cases where you can buy official club merchandise. A link for game highlights is also offered that takes you to a third party site to see video of the game.

    The apps all operate the same and use the same navigation. Each app has a "Help" button in the upper right corner to assist you if you are not sure how to get to where you wish to go.

    So if soccer has become your passion and you want to follow some of the best players in the world more closely these five apps: Premier League Live 2014-2015; Serie A Live 2014-2015; Ligue 1 Live 2014-2015; La Liga Live 2014-2015; and Bundesliga Live 2014-2015 will keep you up to date through the entire season.

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