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Google Glass' new features let you switch chat methods on a whim


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Some of Google's rapid-fire Glass updates have been more useful than others, but its latest is something you're likely to appreciate -- especially if you're a socialite. The wearable's 20.1 upgrade gives you a much better contact system (shown below) that gives you quicker access to your friends. You can reach 20 of your favorited and recent contacts through voice, and your phone's entire address book is easily accessible. It's also much easier to switch communication methods. If you want to jump from email to Hangouts to deal with a heated conversation, you only have to swipe to make it happen.

There are a few more tricks up Glass' sleeve. It can now show you nearby events, like concerts; you'll also see a currency converter in Google Now when you're traveling, and a wider range of voice commands should keep you from reaching for the touchpad for simple tasks like changing the volume or sending a photo. Android users should get all the new features as soon as they update Glass, while iOS users will have to wait roughly a week to get the needed MyGlass app.

Google Glass' new contacts interface

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