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    It is time to bug the aliens in Bugs vs. Aliens

    Bugs vs. Aliens is a quirky endless runner where you play as a leader bug tasked with saving other bugs and attacking aliens while avoiding perilous traps. You can also pick up coins to buy boosters that help you get further in the level faster or upgrade the leader bug's skill, which will improve your score if used correctly. Bugs vs. Aliens is compatible with iPhone 4 and up, iPad, and iPod touch running iOS 6.0 or later.

    There are five leaders for players to choose from. You start off with Steve, a very basic character with minimal skills but a boost for coins. After you collect a certain number of crystals, you can unlock other leaders that they can be added to your team. You can start a level with your whole team, which lets you attack aliens on the ground quicker. If you manage to keep the other character with you until something happens to your leader character, they will becomes the new leader, allowing players to keep progressing. This is very useful in some circumstances, as players don't have to start all over again immediately.

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    Players control their character by tilting the device and then swiping down to fly under bridges or electric lines. Then players swipe up to put the character back into the air and reduce damage taken by the aliens on the ground. The tilt controls feel very responsive but if you are used to other controls you can change to use tap or slide.

    The quirky art style emphasizes the silly nature of Bugs vs. Aliens. Even the music sounds cartoonish which creates a cohesive gaming experience. Bright shiny colors and great attention to detail captures the attention of the player and makes playing irresistible.

    A few of problems I found in the game were that there were numerous ads, a bug involving some ads and in app purchases being too easy to click on without understanding what they are for. The appearance of ads in Bugs vs. Aliens was a little obsessive, but the entertaining nature of game made it easier to forgive this. However, there was a really annoying bug that would happen when you click to watch a video advertisement to keep playing a level for free; the ad would freeze when it finished playing and you would have to exit out of the app to get it to go away which means you have to start all over again.

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    A word of caution about the in app purchases, in some menus like the select character one, there is a button labeled "buy" that doesn't explain how much the purchase will be and can be confused with other buttons where you can exchange coins for items. It is very easy to accidentally buy something because there are no indicators that this will be a real purchase. As Bugs vs. Aliens appeals to children, I would recommend parents turn off in app purchases before letting their child play this game.

    Bugs vs. Aliens is an entertaining and quirky take on the endless runner genre. There are a lot of possibilities for replaying, as the gameplay offers an appropriate amount of challenge for players to keep coming back. Bugs vs. Aliens is free on the App Store and recommended for players who like endless runners with a wacky nature to them. If children will be playing the game, it is recommended that you turn off in app purchases.

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