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iPhone 6 cases are already showing up on Amazon


Apple has reportedly scheduled a special event for September 9, which many suspect it will feature the public debut of the next iPhone. While rumors have swirled for months about the release of Apple's next generation phone, very little has been confirmed about the device officially. Still with the event right around the corner, enterprising accessory dealers have already pounced for early adopter money by listing cases for the "iPhone 6" on Amazon.

We would suggest using caution before buying any iPhone 6 cases before the device is formally announced. Currently, every case being sold on Amazon is 4.7" long. While, again, nothing has been confirmed, there are rumors that Apple a larger iPhone. Isn't it worth waiting until the 9th to pick out the case, on the odd chance there's more to the story than these cases imply?

Currently several manufacturers, such as i-Blason who already make products for Apple products, have listed iPhone 6 cases on their websites. If Apple announces a larger model iPhone, do you want to buy a case now for the smaller size device? Save your money. In the worst case scenario you'll have to wait a few extra days to have your new case delivered to you. If it saves you the hassle of returning it if we get a surprise on the 9th, the wait will be worth it.

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